Why You Should Have a Commercial Dishwasher in Your Restaurant


Let’s face it, doing the washing up is one of the most unpopular cleaning tasks at home or in any commercial kitchen setting. Many restaurants and food service establishments are still operating in the dark ages by employing someone to wash dishes. This is a menial task and it is a highly unpopular job. There are many good reasons to invest in a dishwasher and some of them are outlined in this article.

Water Consumption

A dishwasher uses much less water than having a human wash up. As most businesses pay for water consumption investing in a dishwasher will provide an immediate saving on your water bill.  A study comparing hand dish washing versus machine dish washing measured potential water consumption savings of between 50-200 litres per day on average. It might even be more than that, it depends on how your staff are actually performing the task.

Chemical Dish Cleaning Liquids

By using a high temperature dishwasher you actually do not need to use chemical detergents to clean your table and cookware. The high temperatures kill all bacteria and germs without requiring any cleaning liquids. This also prevents any detergent marks or residue remaining on the crockery or glass wear. The end result is gleaming and clean equipment ready to use.

This also adds to the cost saving benefits for the business as the use of dish washing agents will be minimised or eliminated completely.

High Temperature Cleaning and Quick Drying

The high temperature cleaning between 82 -94 Celsius ensures the dishes and kitchen equipment get thoroughly cleaned. The additional benefit of cleaning your kitchen ware at high temperatures means that when the wash cycle is finished the heat remaining actually dries your equipment too. So the items are washed and dried in a very short time and are ready to use within a minute of the wash cycle being finished.

Savings on Workforce Costs

In a busy restaurant or food serving establishment the job of washing dishes is usually full time from morning until night. With an industrial dishwasher you completely eliminate these costs. The loading and unloading of the machine is quick and most kitchen stewards or trainee chef’s can do it in a few minutes. They also don’t mind doing it but ask them to wash the dishes and they would say ‘it is not my job!’.

Savings on Electricity/Gas Costs

Heating water is an expensive energy consuming process and by using a commercial dishwasher the costs of heating hot water would also be considerably reduced. The machine would be run a few times a day (depending on its capacity and your business needs) as opposed to someone washing dishes and requiring hot water all day long.

Time Saving

Any restaurant owner knows too well the business works in peaks and troughs and sometimes when you are really busy and dependant on a human washing dishes you sometimes may need them to hurry up to get more service equipment ready for use. With a commercial dishwasher the wash cycle takes minutes and you can clean hundreds of items in one go. You can choose a machine with a capacity that suits your client numbers. So you can save time and always be sure to have what need ready in a matter of minutes as opposed to possibly hours.

Eco Friendly

Using a commercial dishwasher that washes at high temperatures is much more eco friendly than hand dish washing, not only because you don’t need the detergents, but also because they are energy efficient and use less water. It is a good way to start to demonstrate your food establishment is committed to protecting the environment.

Reduction in Broken Glass and Ceramic Items

Kitchen staff are handling of plates, cups and glasses when they are dry so there is less chance of breakage than in hand washing dishes. Some restaurants have a considerable number of breakages per month all of which cut into the bottom line. So as a final benefit breakages don’t happen as much when you have a commercial dishwasher as items are loaded into the machine dry and come out dry and sparkling clean.

Summing it All Up

We have outlined 8 reasons why it is worth the initial investment to obtain a commercial dishwasher machine for your restaurant, cafe or food service establishment. The savings the dishwasher will bring to your business will pay back the investment in a short time. The efficiency benefits it will bring to your enterprise will definitely make it worth taking the time to look at the options available. At Creative Display we have 18 different options of commercial dishwashers to choose from to suit small, medium and large commercial kitchens. So talk to our experts who can help you to move you food business forward into a brighter and more sparkling future.

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