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Creative Display Co. LLC is the largest Cash and Carry Super Store in the UAE that provides ready-to-go solutions for every retail format. As one of the leading supplier of commercial kitchen & bakery equipment and supermarket refrigeration in Dubai, Creative Display prides itself on its ability to set up your supermarket, retail store, warehouse and commercial kitchen or bakery in just two (2) days and be ready for business.

It has been a great journey with a team that has grown to a number of 60 today and has flourished throughout the United Arab Emirates & Qatar. It gives me a sense of pride when I recollect the times when the team has shown a spirit of dedication for the brand in every project we undertook. Whatever project they took head-on, they always completed it with a sense of ownership of the brand. Each and every team member treats Creative Display as their own brainchild. That is a major reason why this brand has been able to go far and I feel that is one factor to determine any brands success. This success has soared till 1000s of clients whom we repeatedly assist with their needs by providing quality goods and services. Today the 5 brands of Creative Display are unstoppable forces by itself and I know that the vision of the rulers will ensure strong growth for the company.

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Manager, Abu Dhabi Showroom/The Design Store


Head of Finance, Creative Display

Manager, Dubai Showroom Abbas

Manager, Dubai Showroom


Asst. Manager, Dubai Showroom


Logistics Manager

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