Why People Will Never Do Online Shopping

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In this fast paced world online shopping is a booming success. Sales for internet shopping giants are growing daily and whilst high street and general retailers worry about the impacts on their businesses.

However recent research suggests that internet shoppers tend to order more bulky products on line and that in general retailers should not be too concerned about this innovation. Here we outline some of the key reasons why people will never do all their shopping online.

Look for new Offers and Deals

Consumers do like to shop around for the best deals and whilst they may check online stores they will also use their feet and look inside retail stores. Shoppers understand that online retailers may have limited stocks and sizes with their offerings. So they will visit shops to compare with what they have seen on the internet.

Look, Touch and Feel

An item that might look fantastic in real life could look dull and drab online. It is difficult for online retailers to get really good images of their products and to post them online. It is also often difficult to gauge fabric finishes, colours and sizes of products on the internet.

The famous dress image that stormed the internet in February 2015 is a prime example of the problem, some people perceived it to be blue and black when in actual fact it was white and gold. Colours on computer screens and monitors can look completely different and lead to disappointment when they receive the product.

Finally consumers like their senses to be stimulated and like to touch and feel items. If they find a jumper for example is lovely and soft they are more likely to purchase it.

Personal Service

Whilst internet shopping provides some convenience it is often slow to get additional information about a product. This can often take hours or days for a customer service advisor to respond to a specific request about a product. This is where retailers can really benefit their clients by having really knowledgeable and experienced sales consultants in their stores. This is a key element that can really be a win win for retailers. People love personal service and someone who knows what they are selling like the back of their hand, if the customer feels confident about the products they are more likely to buy them.

Trying Things On

Clothing retailers and shoe stores really have little to fear when it comes to internet shopping. People often don’t know which size of garment or shoe is going to fit them and they don’t want to order two or three sizes to be sure. They are more likely to purchase clothing and shoes from a retailer where they can try several sizes easily without having to worry about returning unsuitable goods.

This isn’t to say that people aren’t purchasing clothing online, they certainly are but once they find they have a sizing problem they are less likely to order again online.

Waiting time

People absolutely hate waiting for anything, especially for a delivery that may be late.  Or a delivery may even not turn up on the specified time slot. Online retailers often have difficulty with delivery of items and this will often put people off of buying online. Especially if they would need to take time off of work to wait for a delivery.

As an additional consequence a buyer might also find the product is wrong or does not fit, or the colour was not as shown. Then the whole process may have to start again, including waiting for a courier to collect the unsuitable item, then waiting again for the replacement to arrive.

Or waiting for the refund to be credited back into their bank account or credit card account. All of this can lead to frustration for a shopper when they thought they were getting convenience they might end up losing many hours waiting or chasing up a resolution to the unwanted item.

Retail Therapy

Much has been said about retail therapy and it seems most of it is true. People really enjoying spending a few hours browsing shops and making purchases. It has become a hobby and pastime for some people. What a great way to spend an afternoon with a few friends checking out the local mall, shopping centre or high street. Having a spot of lunch in between the browsing. People love to feel they have the power to spend and the freedom to choose what they are looking for.

Having a few smart bags of new items to carry home also gives people great pleasure and these are the things that no online retailer will ever be able to replicate, however hard they try.

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