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The Benefits of Mobile Shelving for Warehouses


Mobile shelving units and racking systems are special movable storage units that offer an ideal choice for a modern warehouse function.

Mobile shelving, movable shelving, mobile aisle shelving, roller racking or rolling stack are all names, or terms used to describe these shelving or storage units with wheels that are on traction systems. The units can be packed together closely like a concertina when access is not required and are easily moved to open up an aisle or work space when needed.

By eliminating the need to have a permanent walkway between each unit means a much smaller proportion of floor space is required.  Originally mobile units were designed for offices in the 1960’s they have since been further developed for use in a wide range of business premises.

There are many benefits that mobile shelving units can offer for storage functions particularly for warehouses.

  • Space Saving

When space constraints are the most prioritized, mobile shelving units remove the need for fixed aisles, increasing storage capacity on the floor by at least 50%. Mobile units usually offer a storage depth of up to 1.5 meters and can be up to 15 meters long, height up to 3 meters, depending on your warehousing needs. Double height systems are also possible with an elevated walkway or for a mezzanine floors.

  • Accessibility

All your stock items remain fully accessible as the units can be moved easily to create an aisle, enabling the stock picker to be able to access the item required.

  • Secure Stock

Often the smaller items in a warehouse are the most expensive, mobile phones, tablets and laptops, jewelry, accessories etc. The units are lockable so can only be accessed by selected warehouse crew or team members.

  • Store a wide variety of Items

Originally mobile storage units were developed for storage of files for offices. But now days, usage and designs enable storage for a wide variety of items. The shelves inside are adjustable and with a back panel that ensures items do not fall out. Internal trays, dividers, hanging rails for garments and other accessories can also be added. Larger pallet style systems are also available for larger goods storage.

  • Easy to Move

The mobile shelving units are easy to move, usually by a turn wheel, or a push pull method. Automatic operated electric motor options are also available by order.

  • Attractive Finishes

Mobile shelving units are designed with end and back panels, which can be color coordinated. This provides the option to add some color into your warehouse design.

  • Track Design

For uneven flooring a track system on a false floor can be easily installed to ensure easy maneuverability.

  • Easy to install

Mobile racking and storage units are often ready made in standard sizes and can be installed in less than a day. Bespoke models can be produced with a short lead time.

  • Energy Saving Options

Integrated LED lighting can be added to the mobile shelving systems. The lights only illuminate when an aisle is in use. This provides an energy saving of up to 97% over the standard ceiling mounted lighting.

Most businesses are becoming hooked on mobile storage systems and shelving units and rightly so. Some places even use them for cloak room storage and other mixed functionality. The future is definitely in mobile storage systems, if you have not considered it yet, ask a warehouse design expert to show you how you can revamp your warehouse space and functions.


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