Upright Cabinet Freezer

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Upright Cabinet Freezer

Upright Cabinet Freezer for sale and best deals available in our store. Chest freezers are more economical than vertical freezers, however, covers a huge floor space. They allow a same capacity, which upright freezer provides. At Creative Display Dubai you can buy chest freezer. They are more energy efficient than those of upright freezers, hence you can save a large amount of bills by installing chest freezer. Some latest models of chest freezers may have baskets in them to give you an organized storage space. These freezers demand manual defrosting.which chest freezer to buy.? Most of people confused in large collection of brands.shop chest freezer at reasonable prices from Creative Display. S/steel 1 door upright cabinet freezer Vi scant: 141b(CFC free) gas type: R404A Cooling system: static with fan Temperature: -0/-20 Power: 230V 50/60Hz 1Ph Digital thermostat Capacity: 650liters 3 layer of shelves Dimension(l*d*h):680*810*2010mm Brand Mastercool Model: RE700BT made ITALYFor More updates follow us on Instagram.
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