Gas Pizza & Fatayer oven

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Gas pizza & fatayer oven for sale in Dubai UAE & Qatar With Creative Display.Multipurpose Gas fatayer Oven(stone) It is suitable for bakeries, restaurants and snacks. Idealfor baking of Manakish, pizza, lahmajun, small pita bread. Design Advantages: Different rustic or modern decorative profilesfor outer appearance of oven stone The ceiling of the oven inside the baking chamber can beeither of refractory brick or steel The oven is totally insulated using rockwool, fiberceramic and salt The gas burners of the oven can work using naturalgas, LPG (Low pressure gas), propane or butane Safety features on gas burners Optional oven thermometer State of the art operation Dimension: 120x130x180h cm Brand:CREATIVE CUSTOM Made: UAEFollow Us on Twitter.
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