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Commercial dishwasher with conveyor offer the highest capacity of any dishwasher . They also take up the most space, so dont think you can cram one into a commercial kitchen thats already tight on space.Theyre most commonly used in cafeterias that see a huge amount of traffic each day and need to handle large loads multiple times in one meal period think schools, universities, hotels, and hospitals.As youd expect, this type of dishwasher tends to be the most expensive. In exchange for that higher cost though, you get higher power, quick cleaning and the means to do far larger quantities of dishes at once than with the other options. If you have a high-demand for dishes, this type of dishwasher is well worth the higher cost.Benefits:
  • Can handle large quantities.
  • Cleans fast.
  • Powerful cleaning.
Stainless steel heavy duty Dish Washer Machine Controlbuttons on both sides. Metal Inox wash & rinse arms Can be installed in a corner or straight run(if equipped with optional service tables). Can wash 2400 plate/Hour Built-in rinse-aid dispenser."Continuous wash" feature Description: Dishwasher basket 500x500mm with vertical hood External dims.: W650 D1540 H785 mm Body structure: Double/Single Inox Basket: Square 500x500 mm Door clearance: 400 mm Cycle length: 2.5 min. Power supply: Single or Three Phase Electropump: 0,75 kw Tank element: 6000 w Boiler element: 6000 w Max power abs.: 7200 w Brand: EMPERO Made In Turkey Model: ABM 2000For more updates Click Here
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