Supermarket Refrigeration Plug in & Remote

The Creative Display is one of the successful suppliers for supermarket equipment and commercial kitchen equipment. It has done a large number of successful installations of the supermarket equipment in the UAE. It is supplying a variety of supermarket refrigeration plug in & remote equipment. It has different supermarket freezers and chillers options which are the basic necessity of any supermarket.

Let’s know about the different supermarket freezer and cooler equipment it includes. The Can Cooler with foaming door and glass door is available in 2 sizes here. It has a Chest Freezer in different sizes with a top glass slider. There are Chiller Showcase also available in sizes. Buy the Cold Show Case Curved Glass Door for your supermarket. You can buy a Double Door Bottle Cooler, from Creative Display. A Fish Display Counter Refrigeration made in Malaysia, is available here. You can also look for a Fruit & Vegetable Chiller Open Display here. We have two kinds of glass door refrigerator; one is a Glass door display refrigerator and other is Glass door freezer which is made in Turkey. From Creative Display, you can buy the different sizes Ice Cream Display Freezer made in Greece. The supermarkets also require a Meat Display Chiller, which you can get here. The Open Display Chiller for a complete view is available here. You can get the Open Display Fruit & Vegetable Chiller and the Open Display Meat & Dairy Chiller made in Italy here. Easily buy the Remote Vertical Freezer from Creative Display. The different sizes Serve Over Display Counter and Supermarket Combi Freezer are also available here. The Supermarket Island Freezer made in Italy, Malaysia and Turkey are also available here. Buy the attractive Three Door Bottle Cooler from Creative Display. The Upright Freezer Double Door & the Upright Freezer Single Door Supermarket Refrigeration Plug In & Remote appliances are also available. Buy the Upright Meat Display and Storage Chiller made in UAE only. Get all these Supermarket Refrigeration Chillers and Freezers at one place only.

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