What the New DED Rules to Redesign Grocery Stores in Dubai Mean for your Business

In May 2016, the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has introduced a new set of standard criteria for groceries which took effect in July of the same year. The aim of the new rules set by the DED was primarily geared towards improving the quality of services made available to the public in Dubai especially in the retail store business. It was also an effort made to reinforce the Emirates position as a preferred shopping destination both locally and globally.

As per 2015 data, Dubai has about 2,800 groceries and is rapidly growing on a daily basis. Before the DED finalized the new set of rules, the department held meetings with over 140 grocery owners in Dubai to discuss the planned overhaul. These store owners from different nationalities who were chosen depending on their store location in Dubai were briefed to discuss internal and external appearances of the store and what it means to their business as well as how it will affect business in Dubai as a whole.

Why You Should Redesign Your Grocery
The primary goal of redesigning grocery stores in Dubai lies within the importance of standardization in order to achieve a more sustainable business both for the owners as well as that of the business in Dubai. The introduction of the new standards by the DED is part of its holistic effort to improve quality of services made available to the public in Dubai particularly those in the retail business. Furthermore, it reinforces Dubais reputation as a shopping destination both locally and internationally.

Through these efforts to standardize all grocery stores in Dubai, the DED is on the edge of making a significant leap in bringing shopping experience to the next level. It also enables groceries to have a better outlook of the citys growth in terms of service quality and infrastructure. The concept of standardization basically stemmed from Dubais policy to enhance competitiveness all throughout business sectors while subsequently meeting the needs of both the local community and its visitors.

Grocery owners were given two (2) years to comply with the redesign. By mid 2018, it is expected that the remaining 80% of supermarkets and grocery owners in Dubai have completed the transition of uniformity in line with the standards set by the DED. Groceries who are already in full operation still have until the second half of this year to ensure full compliance and to avoid penalties in the future.

Upgrade your Grocery Store Now!
The standards that were introduced for groceries only mark the beginning of DEDs development strategy. Next on its list is to standardize import sectors which will still be based on studies and opinion polls conducted by the department.

Upgrading your supermarket in compliance with the DED Rules will help ensure that your business run smoothly without having to worry about penalties. The total grocery redesign establishes a uniform identity for groceries giving the sense and feel of quality service and innovation. The upgrade has an impact to your business, especially to your income. It is best that you upgrade your supermarket before the said deadline as these also ensures the public of their health and general safety as consumers.

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