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Are you someone looking to establish your own restaurant? Or are you someone looking to revamp their commercial kitchen with high-end equipment for better productivity and efficiency? You are in the right place!

While chfs, sous-chfs, and other workers toil away all day long in the kitchen to make delicious food, setting up new-age equipment can significantly reduce the efforts they require and make the process even more optimum!

Apart from that, equipment cost takes up a massive chunk of the total initial investment required to set up a restaurant. The quality of these products must be impeccable!

And we are here to provide exactly that! At Creative Display, we stock a variety of sleek and newly designed appliances that are a must-have for a modern kitchen!

Roller Grill is one such brand that we work with, and they provide quality equipment that facilitates increased productivity, cleanliness, and overall orderliness. We are an authorized dealer for the brand throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE.)

Difference Between Commercial And Residential Kitchen

A residential kitchen may serve food to four or five members of a family, but in a commercial kitchen, there are hundreds of orders every business day. There is also a significant amount of planning and organizing, stocking of larger quantities of raw materials, etc. The number of people working in the kitchen is also high.

One of the basic requirements for setting up a commercial kitchen is space. A vast area is necessary in order to make a place for storing material, equipment, utensils, etc.

Space is also required for multiple people to work together in a proper flow. Lack of space or congestion will lead to spillage, accidents, and idle time and, thus, should be avoided.

Overall, the focus on accessibility, efficiency, and functionality are required primarily, but a home kitchen can function even without these factors.

Factors To Look For While Buying Kitchen Equipment

The first thing to keep in mind while one purchases equipment to start a restaurant is the rate of Return On Investment (ROI.) A business is a long-term venture which should be planned accordingly before setting up. The return on investment of such appliances should be enough to justify their initial cost.

In the areas of catering, restaurants, hospitality, etc., there are certain factors to analyze while purchasing equipment, and one of them is automation. If the appliances function automatically, it will reduce the number of manual tasks to be done, and the focus on the quality of food can be increased.

Equipment such as inductions, rotisseries, microwaves, refrigerators, etc., require a source of power in order to work. Most of these appliances either use electricity or gas cylinders. Electric devices seem to be more efficient than the latter.

Appliances that are used on a daily basis should be cleaned regularly. Especially in the case of restaurants, it is essential because hundreds of customers will consume the food every day. Therefore, equipment purchased should be easy to clean and sanitize, involving minimum hassles.

The cost required for repairs and maintenance in the future should also be a factor in this case. In order to lessen any unforeseen expenditure later, premium quality appliances should be purchased, and we are at your service for this very purpose. We supply top-notch cooking equipment from the brand Roller Grill exclusively on our platform. We are your one-stop shop!

List Of Our Top Commercial Kitchen Equipment (Including Hygiene Equipment) And Their Features

Here is a list of appliances from Roller Grill's professional range. All of these have a sleek appearance and are designed to use minimum space in the kitchen.

Fryer RFG 12 Roller Grill Made in France:
Our Fryer RFG 12 is best-suited for food trucks as well as restaurants serving fast food. It comes with a filtering basket holder, which helps in removing any residual oil.

Cooling display RD 600 F White Roller Grill Made in France:
Cooling displays are used for storing confectionaries or desserts to avoid perishing. The Roller Grill Cooling Display RD 600 F White serves this purpose well. It comes with five glass shelves and has a uniform temperature of 2 C to 10 C.

Convection oven 110E Roller Grill Made in France:
The Roller Grill 110E Bakery Oven has a capacity of 110 liters and can reach a remarkable temperature of 300 C in just ten minutes! It is equipped with a ventilated salamander and can be used for grains, meat, fish, cakes, etc.

Conveyor toaster CT 540 B Roller Grill Made in France:
The Conveyor Toaster CT 540 B has two ramps of four infra-red quartz tubes. It spreads rays of 1050 C throughout the products. With the help of this toaster, 300 to 540 toasts can be made within an hour!

Gyros-grill GR 80 G Roller Grill Made in France:
Equipped with four infrared burners with safety thermocouples, the GR 80 G gyros-grill from Roller Grill can cook up to 40 Kg of meat at a time. It comes with a set of 12 barbecue skewers and kebab knives. It also has a set of 4 specific spits for chickens.

Induction Plate PID 700 Roller Grill Made in France:
The PID 700 from the Roller Grill collection of griddle plates has dimensions of 400m x 700m and has a compact form. It is a double model with two professional generators, two removable filters, and two ventilators. It ensures the longevity of components for more than 15000 hours.

Rotisserie RBE 120 Q Roller Grill Made in France:
The professional rotisserie RBE 120 Q can roast six large pieces of chicken or 12 pieces of poultry on three spits. It is an electric rotisserie equipped with six infra-red quartz ramps and radiation of 1050 C. It comes with a large juice collecting tray in order to avoid spillage and wastage.

PIZZA OVEN PZ 430 2D Roller Grill Made in France:
The Pizza Oven PZ 430 2D by Roller Grill is an extra-large oven for making two pizzas of 32 cm within 3 minutes! It is equipped with a thermostat and has a radiation of 1050 C along with a dual regulation system.

UVC 120 Professional Sterilizer, an efficient UV disinfection device by Roller Grill Made in France:
The UVC 120 Professional Sterilizer can carry out the process of physical and natural sterilization within seven minutes with the help of 2 UVC lamps with LED technology. It can be used to disinfect cutlery, utensils, etc., for restaurant kitchens.

Air Disinfection System Pillar UVC AIR 120 Roller Grill Made in France:

The Air Disinfection System AIR 120 by Roller Grill can be used to decontaminate air for rooms up to 50 m. The 254 nm UVC rays can eliminate up to 97.5% of bacteria in the room.


The kitchen will be the heart of your restaurant and business. To put it in simple words, while you work on the taste and quality of food, let us help out with everything else. We at Creative Display can provide all the latest equipment you need! We work throughout the Emirates, in case you are wondering.

The Roller Grill brand of commercial equipment already has an established name and reputation. You can browse through our website and check out all our products! And if you are interested, let us take it from there!

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