Capturing the magic of retail shopfittings In Dubai UAE By Creative Display

For many, 2020 was a year of professional and personal challenges. Shoppers adjusted their behaviors to curb the spread of the corona virus, and business owners found safer ways to get their products into shoppers hands.

Before we delve into the stores aesthetics, we have to lay groundwork and select a store layout that will serve your business. Store layout refers to a strategic arrangement of permanent fixtures within a store designed to create a positive shopping experience and promote purchases.

We must define the needs and goals of store layout at the onset of design process so that we can implement something that makes sense for your business. Choosing the right store layout is determined by the type of merchandise, the amount of square footage, and how we want traffic to move through your space.

Think of focal points as stepping stones for your store. Shoppers will instinctively gravitate toward them due to their visual appeal, so these points of interest will naturally guide people through your space. Place your focal points at all the areas that you want customers to travel to, and be sure that they reflect the products and services in their designated spots.

Additionally, consider using these techniques to ensure that your focal points pack enough punch to really be central points in your store design:

Use bright colors: Using colors that are different from or brighter than the rest of your stores palette will help draw the eye.Utilize height: Peoples eyes automatically gravitate toward high points, so use height to create a visual draw.Be creative: Focal points do not necessarily have to be shoppable, so get creative with how you make your displays.Utilize dramatic lighting: Spotlights, uplighting, and contrast lighting will help create more visual appeal and draw the eye.Break up monotony: If there is an area of your store that lacks diversity, use a focal point to create a more interesting look and draw customers in.

Creating a beautiful, on-brand, and engaging retail store design is a key part of starting your retail business. You want to be sure that it fosters a positive customer experience, drives sales, and reinforces your brand. Following the tips outlined above will set you on the right track in creating a store design that is effective and visually appealing so that your business can thrive.

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