Ultimate Guide on How to Buy a Commercial Oven

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Finding the best commercial oven for your business is one of the most crucial step when it comes to feeding a huge amount of people effectively and quickly. The stakes are much higher when your business is solely dependent on getting the food to people faster. Your primary need will fall on an oven that can work dependently at temperature levels and consistencies that you need for the food you are serving your customers.

So far, you have a lot of options to choose from. But the biggest challenge is choosing which commercial oven is right for your business. The best pick for a commercial oven depends on your commercial kitchen’s particular needs. The first major decision you have to make is whether to go for gas or electric commercial oven.

Gas vs. Electric Ovens

In most places, gas will cause you less over time than with the use of electric ovens. But if you currently don’t have a gas hookup, setting up one will mean higher upfront costs for installation. Chefs also prefer using gas ranges as this gives them a visual view of the different heat levels when cooking. Many commercial kitchens prefer to have a stove and an oven in one piece.

Electric commercial oven on the one hand will only cost you little upfront but in the long run will cost more due to electricity consumption. To sum up, electric ovens are more popular for baking as it gives more even cooking. It is also cheaper to purchase and set-up and is considered safer than gas ovens.

Considering the Types of Commercial Oven

Beyond gas and electric type ovens, there are a few types of commercial oven you can consider – each is best suited for certain kitchen types and the food that is being served.

Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are considered as one of the most popular ovens in the market for commercial use. This type of oven has a fan that allows air to circulate, ensuring that the food you’re baking is cooked evenly which makes it even more the best pick for most bakeries. Convection ovens also cook food quickly as compared to other types of ovens.

Commercial convection ovens are the most affordable type of oven you can opt to buy for your bakery or restaurant business. It’s the most practical choice that usually fits your budget.

Deck Ovens

This is the most popular type of oven used for baking breads and pizzas. Single and double deck ovens are the most popular ones but there are models that can stack even more oven decks to help you accomplish more considering the floor space the oven take up. If you have limited space, deck ovens are the best choice for your business.

Conveyor Oven

Conveyor ovens are always the best choice when considering efficiency. Most restaurants with a high demand of producing food fast as its top priority always have a conveyor oven to do the job. Conveyor ovens usually do not require attention from busy chefs in the kitchen, making it again one of the many reasons for efficiency and convenience.

Brick Oven

In terms of upfront cost, brick ovens are the most expensive and is usually recommended only for restaurants that specializes in serving pizza. Using a brick oven for making pizza can make your food a hit since it produces smokier flavors and crispier crusts.

Factors to consider before buying a Commercial Oven

Every kitchen planning to add or even replace a commercial oven have different needs. The right oven suited for a bakery may be different as the right one suitable for an upscale restaurant or a cafeteria. You need to consider a lot of factors before figuring out which commercial oven is right for your business.


One of the biggest factors that determine which commercial oven you are to purchase is size considerations. You both need to consider how much food you need to fit in your oven and how much space you currently have available in your commercial kitchen. You need to consider the following factors:

  • How many food items in your menu will spend time in your oven?
  • For how long will those items be in the oven?
  • At full capacity, how many customers do you need to serve food?
  • How long can you keep your customers reasonably waiting before you lose them as your repeat customers?
  • Does your oven size still leave space for your kitchen staff to comfortably work safely in your kitchen?

The list is a lot to balance and you may need to predict in advance to figure out which will work. But since you are still in the research stage, you still have time to come up with potential issues and solve them before they arise.

Ease of Use

Commercial kitchens can be so chaotic most of the time. Conveyor ovens wins when it comes to considering the ease of use in your kitchen. You should also consider cleaning and maintenance when choosing the right commercial oven for your business. Remember to choose an oven that you can easily maintain and use on a chaotic kitchen.


The results are disastrous once your commercial oven stops working in your kitchen. Having a non-functional oven isn’t just a minor inconvenience – it can also deplete your profits until you have it under control. Reliability as well as durability are two more factors you need to consider when finding the right oven for your commercial kitchen.

Food Types

The right oven will always depend on what kind of food you are serving your customers. A brick oven is best for commercial kitchens that specializes in serving pizza while a deck oven is the best buy for bakeries specializing in making bread. For a restaurant that runs on a variety of dishes, convections ovens are usually the best choice. Conveyor ovens are also used to produce different types of food.

Cooking Speed

Convection ovens are known to speed up the cooking time of food. This is usually the primary choice for restaurant who cater to high volume of orders. You need to consider how quickly can your customers get the food they order and have them as repeat customers.


Always consider the price of the oven and your allotted budget when choosing the commercial oven for your restaurant. If you have a small business, purchasing a high-end oven may not be a good idea.

Energy Use

Although it is evident that upfront costs are an obvious consideration when choosing your commercial oven, you have to take note too of the long term fuel costs you need in order to run your commercial oven. Compare brands and models in terms of its energy use. Energy star commercial ovens are more efficient which can ultimately save you money over time.

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