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Top tips on how to design your retail store

retail store

Here we have some advice to bear in mind when designing your retail store in Dubai.

How your retail store is designed will 100% influence the amount of customers you attract, as well as the amount they buy. After all, no one wants to go into a messy, unorganized store, no matter how amazing the products are. The majority of retail stores in Dubai have excellent designs, but what steps need to be taken in order to make sure the design of your store is up to the high Dubai standard?

  • Space Out — Having enough movement space in a store is vital. A store with high rising shelves and compact aisles will stop people wanting to enter as they will think that the shopping will be more of a task than a pleasure.
  • Light it up — make sure you use ample lighting in your store, but be carful of the colour lighting. Although most industrial lights are economic, they tend to give off harsh white light that makes stores look very sterile and surgical, such as big hypermarkets. If your store is smaller and more intimate, then opt for an orange tone, which will make the retail store seem inviting and cosy.
  • Be Original — be original when designing your retail store and don’t be afraid to add some personality to the design.
  • Structure everything — Make sure all of your products in your retail store are stored in a strategic way. For example, ensure all similar products are together, such as shoes in one places, bags in another etc. You want to always be thinking of the customer and helping their journey through your store.
  • Keep it simple — There is a reason that top designers use the same type of model down the catwalk. They do not want the beautiful model to take away from the design of the clothes, so they are used as blank canvases instead. This should be the same in your retail store. Make sure you keep the shelving and aisles simple, so that the products speak out for themselves without being overshadowed.

These are just some of the ways that you can ensure your retail store design is a success in Dubai. Make sure the layout and design reflects your brand message and is always thinking about the convenience of the customer. At the end of the day you want customers to come in to your store, appreciate their experience and leave having bought products, so make their journey round the store as pleasing as possible.


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