Tips for Creating the Perfect Walk-In Closet

walk-in closet

Getting the perfect outfit when leaving your home can be a serious challenge and most of the time, it’s what’s really taking you so long to go up and about early in the morning. The smallest details can make a big difference and ultimately, how you feel and look wherever you’re going is very essential. Creative Display offers best retail shop display solutions.That said, organizing your wardrobe (or the lack thereof) contributes to how frustrating or painful this process can be.  Having a functional, well-organized closet will allow you to move much faster rather than saying you’re on your way when in fact you’re still staring at a pile of clothes for your outfit.

Walk in closets had always been a famous symbol of luxury, but now those days were it belonged exclusively to the rich are over. If you consider your clothes as well as your accessories as works of art, then it’s high time to display all these properly. With a few great design choices, you can definitely achieve that beautiful, organized walk-in wardrobe closet.

Before going crazy about the many ideas about your walk-in closet, focus first on 3 practical steps:

  1. Select the shape of your walk-in closet

There are generally 3 possibilities for a closet design: “U” shape, “L” shape or a straight walk-in wardrobe closet. L shape occupies 2 walls while the U shape walk in closet occupies 3 walls. The straight closet on the one hand works perfectly well for smaller areas.

  1. Add storage to your closet

Most of you might have loads of accessories, including seasonal wardrobes which you just store most of the year. The best way to keep all your accessories organized is to add plenty of drawers as part of your closet design. Adding storage drawers enables you to find items quickly when you need it. To maintain your closet clutter-free, your organizational plan should include shelves, drawers, hanging spaces and cabinets.

  1. Choose your own walk-in closet style

Before starting your walk-in closet project, you need to review a few walk-in wardrobe closet ideas so that you can decide on your own style. Keep a definite style in mind to display all your wardrobe beautifully.

Once you have decided what your walk-in closet should look like, take a few more inspirations and incorporate them as part of your ideas:

Choose the color white

There’s no better backdrop for your walk in closet as the color white. White has a feel of crisp and new and even brightens what normally is a dark room.

Innovative Displays for accessories

You can create unique closet spaces by adding innovative displays. Take your creative juice to new heights and imagine display systems for your fashion objects. Some display ideas you might want to add include racks, open bookcases, jewelry displays and even mannequins.

Seating Area for Dressing

If you want your walk-in closet to be truly functional, you will definitely need seating. You can try a storage ottoman that opens up for added storage space. You can also seat on the ottoman or lay your outfit selections on the chair. Round ottomans work perfectly in large open walk-in closets while narrow benches are perfect for use in single-aisle, straight closets.

Vanity Section

A walk-in closet isn’t complete without a vanity section. The key components you need to remember to add to this section of your walk-in closets include a mirror, countertop, drawers, stool and dedicated lighting.


If your walk-in closet is space and wall challenged, the best way to remedy this is to upgrade your closet door and have them mirrored. Your dressing area can feel larger with the reflected light from the mirrors. You can never have too much mirrors when it comes to your walk-in closets.

Artful Organization

Once you have upgraded your walk-in closet, it’s now time to showcase your wardrobe like a pro. You can organize your closet by:

  • Group like items in one section like those of shoes and bags
  • Color coordinating your accessories as well as your clothes
  • Adding images or inspirational photos to your closet displays
  • Adding art and fashion books of your favorite selection on your shelves
  • Using clothing hangers in a coordinated series

Cool Lighting

You can set the mood of your walk-in wardrobe closet by doing the following:

  • Creating a focal point in your closet
  • Adding mood lighting to your wardrobe space
  • Showcasing your closet displays by highlighting your accessories
  • Improving the brightness of the closet when windows are unavailable 

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