The Benefits of Slatwall Fittings for Retailers

slatwall fittings

What are Slatwall fittings and what is the benefits of using them for retailers? In this article we explain in more depth about these store fittings and fixtures, and the benefits of them to all different types of retailers.

What are Slatwalls?

Slatwall also known as Slotwall pieces are usually constructed from medium density fibreboard (MDF) of sizes according to the clients requirements. Horizontal grooves usually 15mm wide are machined into the board pieces and are finished with plastic or aluminium inserts of the same standard size.  Aluminium is more often used when more strength is required. The slatwall boards can be finished in a huge choice of colours or finishes according to the colour and style requirements of the client.

The grooves are able to accept many different types of accessories, hooks, clothing rails, hangers, shoe trays and racks, shelves, magazine racks and many more options are available in both metal and acrylic. They offer unique and completely versatile display systems for many different types of products.

Slatwall Options for Designing Retail Stores and Spaces

When designing a retail store one of the most important factors to consider is a versatile product display that enables easy change as often as needed. As space is usually of the essence, utilising wall space for sales and item display is essential and can ensure the remaining floor space is less cluttered providing clients with that spacious feel even in smaller stores.

Slatwall fittings are the ideal solution for all types of retailers and the options include rotating gondola’s, stationary gondola’s, shelves and other freestanding options. Also using slatwall fittings on walls ensures a seamless finish across a retail space, as all pieces can be colour co-ordinated or themed to be perfectly matching in colour and finish.

Slatwall is perfect for displays of small or large products and this is one of the key points to its functionality, it can be changed endlessly with the different types of accessories and add on’s to accommodate different types of stock across a huge spectrum of sizes and designs.

The Benefits of Slatwall for Retailers

For fashion and clothing retailers the slatwall provides the perfect base for product display. Enabling the store to merchandise its stock exactly as it wishes. For example clothing items can be displayed as an outfit with appropriate accessories including belts, bags, shoes and jewellery can also displayed next to the items. This gives the retailer the opportunity to increase add on sales as they can display a complete look all together.

The Slatwall system makes it easy to adjust the rails and clothing hooks accordingly to different lengths of garments. So it is easy to make changes to the display as new merchandise arrives in store.

Shoe retailers like using the slatwall as it offers flexibility to display shoes and boots in a modern looking way with a variety of accessories including shoe trays and different kind of hooks. Socks, tights and other accessories can also be easily displayed close to the appropriate styles of footwear.

For stationary stores, gift shops and toy shops the slatwall is the perfect display option, utilising the variety of heights can really maximise the display offerings. Particularly where smaller items like magazines, books and smaller gifts and small toys are displayed. The distance between the grooves can be reduced accordingly when the slatwall is custom made.  The options of trays, racks, bins and other holders that can be hooked on can provide great looking variety to the display.

Even for retailers selling electrical goods such as mobile phones, computer hardware display cases can be attached to the slatwall. For heavier electrical items the slatwall can hold the weight needed to display almost all kind of items. This is why the slatwall display system really does suit all types of retailer.

When the slatwall option is compared to the channel system and other display systems there really is no comparison when it comes to ease of use. Channel systems often are hard to adjust, sometimes you need to use a lot of force or a hammer to get out the brackets to move them making it hard work for the store display staff. With the slatwall system the pieces are easy to move around and adjust taking literally seconds and no hammer required.

Flexibility for retailers and the ability to display their products well is the key to success and this needs display systems that work with a variety of different products. Consumers like to see products and items nicely displayed in an organised way that is appropriate for the type of item. With slatwall systems you really can do exactly that. This is why the growing trend amongst retailers is to use these systems and they look a look nicer too than the older style systems. Especially when it comes to finish and colour co-ordination of store design, slatwall has a huge choice of options to suit the style and branding of any retailer.

At Creative Display we design and manufacturer slatwalls so we can custom build the look that suits your retail image. We can design your entire shop floor space with our experienced design team, enabling you to reach success with your retail business.

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