Potato Peeler 8 kg Roga In Italy

Potato Peeler 8 kg Roga In Italy


Capacity                         8 kg
output (kg/h)                250
Motor                             230/400
Power (kw)                    0,55
Motor Speed                  1400/1000
TURN PLATE                 330/235
NET WEIGHT (kg)            26
GROSS WEIGHT (kg)       30
Dimension (cm)               32x42x80
Carton Dimension           50x56x100
Brand  ROGA
Peeler totally built in stainless steel following international safety rules, with micro safety
device both on the door and on the lid. Emergency and end of cycle stop button.Anodized illuminated lid with total opening for rapid loading of the container. Rotating device can be extracted for a perfect cleaning operation. Transparent glass cover lid to allow a better monitoring of the working cycle; Low
tension electric command panel. Automatic unloading device. Adjustable and fixable feet,
per set for floor fixing; rotating plate both in stainless steel or carbon of silicon. Internal side bend of carbide of silicon. Speed variation with silent multi grip tracking belt transmission,silent, safe with easy loading water registration device (diameter 60 mm).


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