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Understanding Common Pallet Racking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Whether you are considering buying your first pallet racking system or just planning to expand your existing warehouse, you should be aware of common pallet racking mistakes in order to avoid additional costs in the long run. Cost-efficient and safe racking systems is easily achieved by preventing mistake from happening.

Here’s a list of the most common pallet racking mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Buying the wrong pallet racking size.

Never underestimate the depth of the pallets you are purchasing. If you fail to consider the reach of your forklift, you may end up having part of the racking system useless as some level may be unreachable.  You may also end up buying a new forklift and spending more when you buy the wrong size for your warehouse.

Never guess estimate your capacities and weight. Taking a wild guess at how much pallet racking you need to hold weight will negatively impact your warehouse storage as well as the safety of your workers.

Not taking into account the height to depth ratio

One of the most important yet misunderstood aspect of pallet rack design is the height-to-depth ratio. It is essential that if your ratio will exceed 6 to 1, additional anchor and supports or overhead ties should be necessary. Take note that if anchoring is used, it is important that the anchor design has been certified by an engineer.

Not having the right racking applicable to the weight of your pallets

There are different racking systems that are made available depending on the load capacities. There are frames that are bolted or welded along with levels of timer, sheet or steel mesh. Each construction combination has a different rated load capacity and this should not exceed when storing items for your warehouse. It is advisable that you know the weight of the pallets you are buying and purchase your racking accordingly.

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Not paying attention to repairs

The most regrettable mistake you can ever do with the pallet racking in your warehouse is not doing your repairs in time. If there are broken bolts, you should take action and weld the joints immediately. Racking collapses may occur if you discover these repairs quickly or ignore them expecting it won’t affect your business. Although this is often ignored, you should make the effort as you can save much larger bills when you avoid your racking from collapsing.

Believing that cheap and used pallet racking is good as new

Cheap racking to begin with often needs more repairs as compared to high quality pallet racking. Remember to consider the age of the used racking system and its repair history before weighing its overall cost-effectiveness. If you are looking for optimal durability, strength and safety along with long term efficiency, you should never buy used pallet racking.

Assuming that pallet racking is only utilized for huge warehouses

Pallet racking solutions are not just used in huge warehouses. There are pallet racking systems in different sizes which can suit every warehouse as well as storage room needs. Pallet racking is perfect if you want to expand the storage capacity of your warehouse in a more cost-effective way.

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