5 Incredible Shrinking Products in Supermarkets


There seems to be a new trend among some food, beverage, personal hygiene and cleaning product producers around the world.  They are shrinking the sizes of their products but not the prices. Producers are shrinking between 5 — 20% on average on some of the most popular products and brands.

Whilst some producers are saying it is to promote a healthier lifestyle, others are saying that it is because they are suffering from increasing production costs and that they don’t want to increase prices.

Consumer watchdog’s such as Which are stating this move is “dodgy” and “doesn’t help consumers to compare prices”. They also state that it threatens brand loyalty when consumers realise the change in product size but no change in pricing.

Customers would be happier if producers would state they have increased production costs and that is why sizes will be smaller.  However this has not been the case and so far consumers are not satisfied with the shrinking of popular brand items. Here are the top five items that are shrinking in size.

  1. Chocolate Bars

Many chocolate bars are getting smaller. Cadburys have reduced the sizes of almost all their products recently including the popular dairy milk brand. Other chocolate bars like Mars and Snickers are also following reducing around 8-10% off their sizes. Whilst Kit Kat Chunky has taken a chunky 16.6% off their bar size.

  1. Soft Drinks

Coca Cola launched slimmer cans some time ago, in some countries removing 30ml from the traditional 330ml can size.  They also introduced a new smaller 250ml can size. Now they are starting to roll out 1.75 litre bottles instead of the traditional 2 litre bottles. Other soft drinks producers are also coming up with slimmer cans and removing some millilitres.

  1. Soft Cheese and Cheese

Popular soft cheese Philadelphia has reduced its low fat tub size from 200grams to 180grams. Cathedral City has also knocked 50grams off a big 12.5% off the weight of its popular cheeses.

  1. Perfume Sprays and Deodorants

FA brand of deodorants and sprays has started rolling out smaller sizes roll-ons and sprays taking on average 20% off the original size. Some soap brands including imperial leather have also trimmed down their bar sizes.

  1. Cleaning Products

It seems even washing powder and cleaning products are also getting leaner. Surf washing powder has taken a hefty 20% off their larger powder size. Cif has shaved off 6.6% on its general purpose spray.

What Does All This Mean For Supermarkets?

It means that shoppers are going to spend longer comparing prices as they now have to compare between price and size of products. As many consumers shop by price, some will not realise immediately that the packet sizes are smaller. But there is no doubt that some consumers will switch brands. Accessing the impact on sales of the slimmed down brands will be interesting in the coming months.

It will also be visible on the display shelf those that have slimmed down their packaging also will stand out as they will be shorter/slimmer. Whilst it won’t cause much headache for product displays at the moment.

Some producers say “they have reduced their selling prices and that supermarkets should pass this saving onto the consumers, but that they have no control over this”.  So supermarkets need to consider this carefully in the coming months as more and more brands are shrinking their products.

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